We use a tremendous amount of volunteer services in Falcon Ridge – we have some very multi-talented people here!  It saves us lots of money and helps keeps the cost of our annual dues down.  If you would like to join a committee – and it is highly encouraged – contact the lead volunteer for the one, or more,  that interests you.  Bonus – at the Annual General Meeting in September, if you spend any time throughout the year volunteering in our community, we honor you with a gift card as a small token of our appreciation.  We do value our volunteers!  Contact any of the Board Members or Officers for the lead volunteer on the committees listed below:

Roads – road repairs and upkeep

Documents – CC&R and By Laws revisions

Landscape – upkeep of the front gate area, triangle and gate decoration.  We call them the Frugal Garden Gate Ladies.  Gentlemen welcome, too.

Architecture – for any new building projects.  Residents must fill out the Owners/Builders Checklist and return to this committee for approval before construction begins.

Runway – runway repairs and upkeep.

Communications –

Welcome – provide new comers with a smile and important information about our neighborhood.