Gate and Mailbox Information


Our gatekeeper is Amanda Robel.  Contact Amanda at for information on main gate codes and remote controls.  Temporary gate codes can also be set up for special occasions, such as open houses and family events, to make entry easier for your guests.

There is a second gate at the west end of Red Tail Road.  It uses a different remote than the main gate.  Remotes for the Red Tail Road gate can be purchased through the Treasurer.  Please see the Contact Us page.

Remember…the gate is there for privacy, so please don’t let anyone in that you do not know.  We have windshield stickers for resident vehicles with the Falcon Ridge logo, making it easy to see if the vehicle behind you lives here too.  If you need stickers, contact a Board member or officer using the Contact Us page.


There are mailbox pedestals just outside the main gate for mail and parcel delivery.  For existing houses, the assigned mailbox in the pedestals remains the same and is part of the purchase of your house.  Keys should be obtained from the previous owner, although it is a good idea to have the box rekeyed.  Please contact the main U.S. Post Office at Third Avenue and Washington Avenue in Yakima to rekey the lock.  For a new house, residents can purchase a box in a pedestal for a one-time fee of $100.00.

Contact the main U.S. Post Office at Third Avenue and Washington Avenue for box assignment.  Once they assign a pedestal and box, contact a Board member for the keys.  Please see the Contact Us page.

Please note the U.S. Post Office no longer allows individual mail boxes at our front gate.  If you do not wish to use a box in the pedestals, you will need to acquire a post office box for your mail delivery.