Road Rules

Patience and courtesy go a long way!

Please do not exceed the posted speed limits!  Reasons are listed below.

1. Our roads are narrow with several sections being only one lane.  Outgoing traffic has the right of way.  Use driveways or turnouts to pull over and STOP.  Do not continue to drive along the side of the road. To do so breaks the edge of the road and road repairs are expensive!

2. There are several blind curves and hills in the addition: Quail Run hill to the right just after the entrance, Quail Run going up the hill after the horseshoe, Red Tail hill, and Songbird Way hill east of Runway Lane. The Songbird hill has a very long blind spot, several hundred feet, from Sparrow Lane to the top of the hill.  If you meet someone on that hill, there is nowhere to go except over the edge!

Go slow and stay on your side of the road in these areas.  We have neighbors that walk dogs, run, and bike on our roads.  It is EXTREMELY important that you travel our roadways slowly to prevent accidents.  You really do not want to be known as “that person who caused the accident!”  Please share this information with all the drivers in your family and visiting friends.

3.  In the spring we do road repairs and new asphalt.  We will send a reminder email and post a notice in the bulletin box at the gate.  Please check the box regularly, notices change frequently.  Road repairs usually last only one day unless there has been significant damage due to the spring thaw.  On those days, you may experience short delays.  Plan accordingly!

4.  In the winter we get snow, sometimes lots of snow!  The Association has the roads plowed after there is an accumulation of 3” unless it is still snowing.  Four-wheel or all-wheel drive vehicles are preferred.  Two-wheel drive vehicles almost never make it up the Pheasant Crest hill unless you have good studded snow tires and/or chains.  Remember slow and steady!  Stay in the middle of the road.  You may have to back up a few feet to a turnout to let oncoming vehicles pass.  If the hills get icy, we have volunteers who spread gravel for traction.  Be sure to smile, wave, stop and say thank you or even offer them a coffee card for their service.  For those of you picking up children from the bus stop, be aware that if you are parked at the bottom of the hill, vehicles coming down may not be able to stop until they get to you!  Parking along the fence is a better alternative if possible.

If you have questions on snow plowing or gravel spreading, or if you would like to be on the winter road crew, contact the Board of Directors on the Contact Us page.