General Information

Yakima’s Premier Gated Aviation and Country Living Community

Falcon Ridge is Yakima’s most unique rural development covering more than 800 acres in the West Valley area. Most lots are approximately 10 acres in size and the development includes carefully planned restrictive covenants designed to ensure a quality of life you can be proud of for generations to come.

The main entry gate is a massive ranch-style log structure spanning more than fifty-feet across the top. Anyone entering the development is monitored by a multiple cam video surveillance system. The gate not only provides privacy but adds value to your estate home at Falcon Ridge Aerodrome.

The gate is operated by a state-of-the-art system that contacts residents by phone when visitors arrive. Residents can simply open the gate by pressing a code on their telephone. The control panel (shown below) is located just outside the main gate and the system includes entry provisions for emergency service vehicles as well.

Remote entry devices are available to residents so the gate can be opened from their vehicle as they approach the gate. It also works with the ‘in-vehicle’ HomeLink system available on many vehicles.